Thriving provides and engages in a number of different programs and projects hand-in-hand with community partners. Current specialised projects are listed below. 
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Thriving - DAYS Program

For Youth Substance Use Disorders

The project ... 

The Thriving-DAYS initiative delivers a tailored weekly exercise program for youth attending the WA Drug and Alcohol Youth Services (DAYS) residential and detox services.

Designed and delivered by the Thriving team alongside staff from the UWA Exercise & Performance Centre, the program is designed to support the physical and mental health of youth undergoing treatment for substance use disorders (SUD), and shed light on the potential role of exercise within these programs.


In partnership with UWA School of Human Sciences this program will be evaluated through investigating the impact of a structured exercise program on:

(a) physical and mental health outcomes,

(b) compliance to one’s rehabilitation program/goals

(c) exercise related perceptions, among youth undergoing treatment for SUD and associated mental health disorders.


Why is this project important ... 

Substance use disorders (aka addiction) are a common mental health disorder experienced by young people affecting 12.7% of Australian youths. Youth taking part in SUD residential programs are significantly ‘at risk’ for short/long term impacts on health, exacerbated by inactivity. Exercise implemented in adult SUD populations has demonstrated benefits, however youth services are severely under serviced in WA and nationally.


Our pilot program included 60 youth over a 12mth period with a 92% exercise participation rate, and 87% of youth reporting they enjoyed the sessions.  In line with Thriving aims, this program will develop and extend specialised youth SUD exercise knowledge and services via educational pathways. The program will shed light on the feasibility, effectiveness, and role of structured exercise programs as a recovery and rehabilitation service among youth within residential SUD treatment programs.


Current Service & Evaluation Team:

  • Program Management, Research & Evaluation: Dr Bonnie Furzer & Ms Kemi Wright (Thriving Inc.)

  • Project Evaluation & Research: Dr Ben Jackson & Dr James Dimmock (PAHL Group); Mr Allan Colthart (Next Step Drug and Alcohol Service); Dr Amanda Rebar (CQ University).

  • Service Delivery: Mr Ben Kramer and UWA Exercise & Performance Centre ​(EPC); Mr Dave Tudori; UWA Masters of Clinical Exercise Physiology Students

With thanks and acknowledgement of previous contributions from Dr Ashleigh Thornton (UWA), Mr Dylan Warner (UWA EPC), Ms Alyssa More (Hons Research Student) and UWA Clinical Placement Student volunteers.


Next Step
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Thriving-DAYS Exercise Program

ThrivingFamilies is being conducted at the University of Western Australia - School of Human Sciences and PAHL Group, and supported by Exercise & Sports Science Australia - Clinical Exercise Physiology Grant (2017).

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The project ... 

The Thriving Families research project is investigating changes in the physical literacy of children with physical, developmental and/or behavioural barriers to participation.

The program involves both parents and instructor as ‘coaches’ who participate in workshops designed to improve their knowledge of, and provide practical strategies on how to build children’s confidence and motivation toward physical activity.



Why is this project important ... 

Four out of five children do not meet current recommendations for physical activity, in particular, those children with physical, developmental &/or behavioural barriers. One reason for this problem is a lack of physical literacy (i.e. the motivation, confidence, physical competence, knowledge, and understanding that help individuals maintain regular physical activity throughout life). This research will evaluate the feasibility and effectiveness of utilising parent 'coaches' and a community based physical activity program to improve the physical literacy outcomes of children.  



Project team & outcomes ... 

  • PhD Candidate & Project Lead = Ms Kemi Wright AEP

  • Research Team:


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