Thriving Kids + Teens

Face-to-face exercise programs for kids and young people who experience challenges or barriers to physical activity participation at school or in the community.

Services are provided by Accredited Exercise Physiologists &/or Exercise Scientists – experts in using exercise for health. We provide all abilities and inclusive exercise programs that provide a positive exercise experience for all kids and young people.

Our kids and teens exercise services are open to all kids and young people from the age of 5 – 16, but we specialise in providing services for those who are unable or unwilling to participate in community or school activities, or need a bit of additional support to engage in activity.

We aim to build physical literacy (e.g., fitness, strength, skills), motivation and confidence, and improve health but we make sure to do so in a supportive and fun way so that all young people have a positive exercise experience. 

Our team can support poor or delayed movement skills; behavioural, developmental or social challenges (e.g. non-verbal, social or activity anxiety); musculoskeletal conditions; childhood cancer; metabolic disease; complex juvenile conditions (incl. intellectual/behavioural difficulties, depression/anxiety and Autism) and more!

Specific services available at various locations:

Specific services available include:

1-on-1 Sessions

Working 1-on-1 with a Thriving Instructor. Sessions are tailored to the goals, developmental stage and preferences of the young person or family. Pre- and post assessments are built into the sessions, along with end of term reports for families or referrers.

Group - Strength & Fitness

Tailored specifically for young people to build their gym and movement literacy, muscle strength and confidence to be active. Sessions are conducted in a small group environment and parents/guardians have the option to participate in alongside their young person.

Fun Fitness & Be Active

Small group sessions to build physical literacy and fitness, exercise enjoyment and social skills led by Thriving Instructors. Fun Fitness = Low instructor to participant ratio of 1:4 to cater for individuals needs. Be Active = 1:8 ratio (max). Mixed ages and abilities, with groups matched on goals, needs and personality!

Appointments are available Mon-Fri (during and after standard school times) and Saturday mornings from 8am.  Our group programs run on WA school terms.


1-on-1 Sessions

  • $68.55 for a one-off consultation (50mins)
    $616.95* for a 9-week term (*$165 Telethon subsidy available = $451.95 family cost)

Small Group Session (Fun Fitness):

  • $315* for a 9-week term (*$85 Telethon subsidy available = $230 family cost)

Group Sessions (Strength & Conditioning/Be Active/Boxing)

  • $197.10 for a 9-week term

Due to the generous support of Telethon7 we are able to offer families discounted rates for 1-on-1 and small group sessions (above). However, subsidies are strictly limited per term so get in touch to for more information or to secure your place!

​NDIS & Other rebates:
Additional rebates may apply for Accredited Exercise Physiology via NDIS and/or private health funds. To access Exercise Physiology services with us through NDIS you must be either plan managed or self-managed. Funding for NDIS can come from one of two categories in an NDIS plan: improved daily living, or improved health and wellbeing.


Term 1
1 February – 27 March
8 Weeks

Term 2
15 April – 22 June
10 Weeks

Term 3
15 July – 14 Sep
9 Weeks

Term 4
7 Oct – 7 Dec
9 Weeks

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