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Physical Literacy & Exercise Rehabilitation in Young People (2 Courses)

Designed for allied health and exercise professionals currently working, or wanting to work, with children and young people (5-18yrs) across exercise programs and/or rehabilitation.

Course 1: Exercise Adaptations & Physical Literacy in Young People (3 hours)
3hrs online self-paced learning, including lectures. reading and quizzes. This courses aims to extend participants understanding of the role and impact of different types of exercise in young people.

​Learning Modules include:

  • Physical Literacy & Activity in Young People
  • Role and Influence of Parent/Guardian
  • Cognitive Function & Mental Health
  • Exercise Adaptations in Young People

Course 2: Physical Literacy & Therapeutic Exercise in Young People (15 hours)

Includes Course 1 online content (3hr) + additional self-paced online learning (7hr), and live workshop (5hr: 2 x 2.5hr online, or 1/2 day face-to-face).

This course extends participants understanding of physical literacy into paediatric exercise rehabilitation, and clinical populations.​  The webinars and live workshops will include practical applications and clinical knowledge related to paediatric assessments (e.g. motor skills, neuromuscular performance, body composition, aerobic fitness) for typically developing and clinical paediatric populations.  

​Pathologies/Impairments discussed include

  • obesity
  • hypermobility syndromes (e.g. EDS, JIA),
  • mental health disorders (e.g. anxiety and depression)
  • cancer
  • respiratory conditions (e.g. asthma, CF), and
  • neurodevelopmental conditions (e.g. Autism, ADHD, DCD).

Focusing on clinical paediatric populations there will be theoretical, practical and key considerations for an AES/AEP or exercise therapists working with children and adolescents across a range of clinical groups.  

Booking & Costs

Course 1 = 100% online, and available immediately

​Course 2  = access to Course A immediately, and additional Course B online modules will be provided 30 days prior to workshop 1 (dates as scheduled in our Shop).  

​2022 Live Workshop Dates

  • Friday Oct 14 & 28, 11-2pm AWST

Course 1 = $120 standard/$60 student rate

​Course 2* = $500 standard / $425 student or group bookings (5+)

*Price and enrolment includes Course 1

​How to purchase:
You can purchase a ticket to course via our Shop.  Make sure you select the right course and dates (where applicable).  You will receive an immediate information download, and within 7 days your link for Moodle (online learning).


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Exercise in Severe Mental Illness

Designed for practitioners seeking to improve their knowledge of physical activity/exercise in mental illness/es.  It includes evidence-based practice, exercise and health assessments, and exercise management from mental distress through to severe mental illness, in various settings.

​This course is delivered in two parts (15 hours):

Part A: Online, self-paced lectures.

  • Cover topics from aetiology and pathophysiology, through to evidence based exercise for various diagnostic classifications including: Major Depressive Disorder, Anxiety Disorders, Substance Use Disorders, Feeding & Eating Disorders, Schizophrenia & Psychotic Disorders, and Personality Disorders.
  • ​The online content will be delivered via an online learning platform. Attendees will be provided log in information via email 30 days prior to Workshop 1, and the content will remain accessible for 3 months following course enrolment.

Part B: 2 x 3 hour live workshops (online or face-to-face).

  • Workshops will focus on applications of clinical knowledge related to exercise and SMI across various settings (e.g., acute treatment, hospital, community health).
  • Discussions around specific clinical groups will focus on impact, evidence base and clinical practice with regards to exercise assessment and prescription. This will ensure the large amount of content to be delivered across this workshop is clinically relevant for participants and their particular scope of practice.
  • Case studies will be adapted and selected based on participant knowledge and settings.

Booking & Costs


Access to online modules will be provided 30 days prior to workshop 1.


  • $500 standard / $425 student or group bookings (5+)

How to purchase:

You can purchase a ticket to the course via our Store.  Make sure you select the right course and dates (where applicable).  You will receive an immediate download with covers course information, and within 7 days your link for Moodle (online learning).


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Our team is comprised of Accredited Exercise Physiologists, allied health practitioners, and researchers with expertise and experience in various areas of practice.  Additionally, they have extensive expertise in teaching and curriculum development to enhance learning.

​We pride ourselves on a team that is clinically active and therefore able to translate the evidence and research into real-world application and community impact.

Teams members include Dr Bonnie Furzer, Dr Kemi Wright, Felicity Austin & Guests!

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