Impact100WA – 2023 Awards Dinner

We are thrilled to be presenting at the upcoming Impact100 WA Grant Awards Dinner. Impact100 provides a great opportunity for Thriving In Motion to help countless more kids, teens and young people whose lives we aim to touch through movement.

Our mission has always been anchored in evidence that fostering physical health in children and adolescents is a stepping stone to holistic well-being, laying the groundwork for vibrant, resilient futures. At the Impact100 event, we will showcase our passionate commitment to this cause, detailing our comprehensive plan to roll out accessible, enjoyable, and life-changing movement programs. The benefits of mobility and exercise in children and young people extend far beyond physical well-being. A growing body of research (including our own) underscores its impact on cognitive functions, academic performance, and emotional stability.

Securing funding revolutionises the scope of our work, extending our reach into corners of the community we have yet to touch. We are optimistic that our vision will resonate with the values upheld by Impact100 and its supporters.

We believe in a future where every young individual has the opportunity to thrive, empowered by the foundational strength, confidence, and balance that comes from engaging in regular physical activity. Together, with Impact100, we are excited to continue to make this vision a reality.