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Parent Testimony 

O.M is now 12 years of age and has Autism. He has been attending Thriving for about the last 4 years.  We had tried many different sporting clubs and groups in an attempt to assist him with his fitness and co-ordination, however none of these options seemed to meet his needs and needless to say he was not enjoying them.


O.M absolutely loves Thriving and has a very positive attitude and looks forward to attending every Saturday.  He started out doing one on one sessions and has transitioned to group activities this year.  His fitness, co-ordination, motor skills, social skills and confidence have all improved considerably.  He loves all of his instructors, who I have always found to be professional, knowledgeable, understanding, positive, energetic and kind.


Well done.  This is a fabulous initiative to help children (who may not be able to access mainstream activities) improve their physical, mental and social skills. Keep up the good work and thank-you to everyone who is involved with Thriving every week.

Staff Testimony

Over the course of a few terms, E.J has made some amazing progress attending Thriving. Not only can he now perform skills and movements such as throwing, jumping, kicking and striking that he was having a lot of difficulty learning, but he now has increased participation at school sport, and has told me that attending Thriving allows him to “control my body better”. E.J gets so much enjoyment from the sessions, and we have built quite a close relationship. This term he wrote a speech at school about the challenges of having autism, and how attending Thriving has allowed him to overcome some of those challenges. It was fantastic to hear that his participation in the program has had positive effects across many areas of his life