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FAIR-well and Thank You 2018

Thriving 2018 has come to an end this week and as always the year has flown by, so we have taken some of the summer down time to reflect on our achievements and give thanks to all of those who have been involved and supported #TeamThriving in 2018.

Thriving has continued to strengthen our services throughout 2018 with the help and support of our sponsors, partners, staff, volunteers and of course the Thriving families. Our 2018 achievements would not be possible without the hard-work, commitment and feedback we receive, so a big THANK YOU to all involved.

Without further ado here are a few highlights from #Thriving2018 that we would like to share, and #Thriving2019 ... we are ready for you!

Awards & Achievements:

  • In March our Thriving-DAYS program was awarded WA Alcohol & Other Drug 2018 Excellence Award for Youth services. Thank you and congratulations to the researchers, service providers and supporters for their hard work to earn this award.

  • Our first Thriving Family and Friends Fair was held in November to help raise funds for Telethon7. The day was fun-packed with a variety of ACTIV-ities, raffle draws and face painting, and thank you to all who attended and the generous donations to support this event.

  • Thriving now proudly shares a partnership with Act Belong Commit. We are very excited to work along side this wonderful organisation and look forward to continuing our mental health focused activities in 2019.

Our Service:

  • In 2018 we provided exercise services to over 100 families per term thanks to the ongoing support of UWA School of Human Sciences, Telethon 7, our amazing and growing staff, and of course with the support our Thriving families!

  • Thriving Families Research Trial wrapped up their data collection! Results of this trial will be shared with families and published in 2019, plus we will look to roll out 'Thriving Families' across all of our sessions.

  • Looking forward into 2019, the Thriving Directors and supporting staff attended the 2-day workshop for IQX LaunchCamp. Insightful information was given about how to continue Thriving's growth and development along with tools to implement to provide our services efficiently and effectively.

  • Thriving took on a refreshed new look this year thanks to the hard work of the directors and Courtney Media and Marketing in our re-branding process, along with launching our Instagram (@Thrivingfit_inc) and Twitter (@thrivingfit) accounts, once again helping families and friends reach us in more ways.

  • As always we look to refine our processes and make things as easy as possible for those engaged with our services. We updated our processes to provide user friendly online forms and we intended to continue with our online presence with the help and feedback of families

  • Finally a massive THANK YOU to Telethon7 and CommBank for their support of our 'After-school' and Thriving-DAYS programs in 2018. ​​

Research & Impact:

  • Thriving was privileged to be part of the line up for Autism West Symposium Nov 2018. Kemi, Josh and Alyssa presented to families and medical professionals about the importance of early exercise interventions, evidence-based practical advice, the latest research, and personal experience of working with children with autism.

  • One of our directors, Kemi Wright, was featured in the Exercise and Sport Science Australia (ESSA) national Activate magazine. She shared her experiences and own reflections of 2018

  • The Society of Mental Health Conference was held in Noosa for 2018, where directors Bonnie and Kemi presented oral presentations on the Thriving-DAYS initiative, and posters on Thriving Families and Thriving-DAYS.

  • Kemi also presented at ESSA Research to Practice 2018 (Melbourne) on Thriving-DAYS and Thriving Families initiative.

  • Thriving has been featured in a number of WA media stories including features on the Thriving-DAYS program in Western Suburbs Weekly (click here).

  • Notable contributions to impacting exercise services for young people have been made by #TeamThriving members who have been involved in a number of peer-reviewed publications in 2018 including:

  • More A, Jackson B, Dimmock JA, Thornton AL, Colthart A & Furzer BJ. "It's like a counselling session… but you don't need to say anything:" Exercise program outcomes for youth within a drug and alcohol treatment service, Psychology of Sport and Exercise, 2018; 39; 1-9

  • Wright KE, Furzer BJ, Licari MK, Thornton AL, Dimmock JA, Naylor LH, Reid SL, Kwan S & Jackson BJ. “Physiological characteristics, self-perceptions, and parental support of physical activity in children with varying movement proficiency levels”, Research in Developmental Disabilities, June 2018

  • Furzer BJ, Bebich-Philip MB, Wright KE, Reid SR & Thornton AL. Reliability and Validity of the adapted Resistance Training Skills Battery for Children, Journal Science and Medicine in Sport, 2018 Aug; 21(8):822–7

For more Thriving publications, infographics and posters click here

​​It has been such an eventful and wild year and thank you for coming on this journey with us. Stay in the loop via our our social media accounts for more fun family holiday game ideas, updates and much more.

From all of us at TeamThriving we would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year!