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Rain, Rain, Go Away

Winter is no longer coming… We are already well and truly buried under blankets and umbrellas trying to brace the cold, windy and sometimes wet days! Although it might seem gloomy outside that in no way means we have to have gloomy days! Outdoor play is important for children, however sometimes it just doesn’t seem right to have them running around in the pouring rain. We have a few games and activities for you when that time comes!

Strength Circuit

Get creative with the furniture around the house and create a DIY gym! Some examples include: stairs for climbing or step ups, couches can be used for modified push ups, planks or triceps dips, wear socks on the tiles for scooters and use a wall for those burning wall sits! Of course you can add in the usual body weight stuff: squats, jumps, lunges, sit ups and push ups etc.

Kids love a numbers challenge, so make it fun and see how many they can do of each in one minute. Keep a record of their scores and every time you do them again see if they can beat their previous score.



This doesn’t have to be as damaging as it sounds. Collect stuff animals, books or get creative with Lego to make the “pins”. Next find a soft ball to use as the bowling ball. Set up a clear space in a hallway or even under a covered patio. It is a simple game that can help train children’s aiming, planning and throwing skills.

Once the kids master the basics you can add fun challenges to the throws- single leg stance or even using their non-dominant hand.


“Marco-Polo” Twist

Find large/medium floor space and clear any obstacles (also an incentive to get those little guys to clean up their toys!).

Just like the classic pool game have one Marco and the others as Polo. Here is the twist- don’t just make it walking, make them move around like frogs, crabs, bears or tight ropewalkers. This will train their strength or their balance!

Being activity during these rainy times can be difficult be we are always here to help! These are some classic games we can forget about and can also be changed to fit each individual child. The main message here is to think outside the box and continue to encouragement movement.


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