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Active Easter

Easter is just around the corner! This means a long weekend of spending time with loved ones…and of course CHOCOLATE. Try to keep the family balance by playing different activities that will get the heart rate going and the laughter roaring. As always we are here to help with a few ideas to help get the ball rolling.

How far away is the Easter Bunny!

This is an Easter version of the classic “What’s the time Mr. Wolf?!”

  • What you’ll need:

  • Cones -to mark out a designated area

  • Space between 10-15m in length, and wide enough for everyone to fit in.

  • How to play:

  • One Person will be the Easter Bunny, they need to stand at the edge of the boundary. The other kids will stand on the opposite end.

  • The kids on the opposite end will shout: “How far away is the Easter Bunny?!”

  • In response the Easter Bunny needs to shout out “…# of Hops away”. Whatever the # is the others must take that many hops forward (with two feet).

  • Repeat the above until the Easter Bunny shouts: “He is Here!”. When this is called, everyone must run back to the start without getting tagged by the Easter Bunny

  • Whoever is tagged becomes the new Easter Bunny

  • Mix up the activity from hopping to: single legs, lunging, frog jumps etc.

Traditional Egg hunt:

Nothing gets the kids more excited then a fun Easter Egg Hunt. To ensure they get their heart rates up try and set time limits. You’ll have kids sprinting all over the place for that sweet SWEET goodness of chocolate eggs.

Eggs-ercise Hunt:

A little twist on your classic hunt.

  • What you will need:

  • Plastic hallow balls (to place exercises in, about 20-30)

  • Pieces of paper

  • Exercises- about 10-12

  • How to play:

  • Write down exercises on the piece of paper and fold them to fit inside the hallow balls/eggs (some may be the same but different repetitions)

  • Place them around the back garden and set a time for the kids to go out an hunt

  • Once the timer is done have the kids open the eggs and read the exercises and how many to do.

  • Complete the allocated exercises and restart the game all over again!

  • Example exercises

  • Squats/squat jumps

  • Push ups/wall push ups

  • Boxing punches

  • Calf raises

  • Sit ups

  • Crab walks

Animal crossings:

  • What you will need:

  • Cones- 10m apart

  • How to play:

  • One person will be the traffic officer at halfway (stand about 5 m away from the line)

  • The other kids will be standing along one side.

  • The traffic officer calls out an animal the others have to move like.

  • As quietly as they can, the kids will make their way to the other side.

  • If the tra