The mission of Thriving is to use exercise expertise to improve the health outcomes of kids & young people.

In order to achieve this we aim to:

  • Improve physical and mental health outcomes through evidence-based exercise programs for kids & young people

  • Increase family, community and health professional knowledge of exercise and it's role in health

  • Provide & support opportunities for all kids & young people to experience a positive exercise environment


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Dr Bonnie Furzer (PhD)


Founding Director

Accredited Exercise Physiologist (AEP)

Lecturer - University of Western Australia

Senior AEP - Fremantle Hospital Mental Health Service

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Kemi Wright

AES - AEP - PhD.Cand


Accredited Exercise Physiologist (AEP)

PhD Candidate - University of Western Australia

Senior AEP - Fremantle Hospital Mental Health Service

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Thriving would not be possible without the amazing team of administration, support and program delivery staff and students. The expertise and enthusiasm of our exceptional team is what allows us to continually offer a wide variety of programs and exercise experiences to kids and teens.


Individual coaches within Thriving are predominantly accredited Exercise Scientists (AES) or Exercise Physiologists (AEP), and other allied health graduates. The diversity in teachers allows the tailoring of the programs and the matching of participants with suitable instructors.

All instructors undergo extensive training and are supervised by highly experienced paediatric exercise professionals and the Thriving advisory committee.




We are privileged and very grateful for all the support we receive from our partners and collaborators across a variety of our services and programs.  The ability for kids and youth across WA to access our services would not be possible without their support.


With sincere thanks ... 

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