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Furzer et al. 2015 @ DCD 11
Wright et al. 2015 @ DCD 11
NASPSPA Wright et al 2016
Wright et al. 2016 @ EACD
NASPSPA Furzer et al 2016

Research Contributions

Publications & Reports

  • More A, Jackson B, Dimmock JA, Thornton AL, Colthart A, Furzer BJ. “It‘s like a counselling session … but you don’t need to say anything:” Exercise program outcomes for youth within a drug and alcohol treatment service. Psych Sport Exer. 2018 Jul.  

  • More A, Jackson B, Dimmock JA, Thornton AL, Colthart A & Furzer BJ. (2017). Exercise in the treatment of youth substance use disorders: Review and recommendations. Frontiers in Psychology, 8: 1839. doi: 10.3389/fpsyg.2017.01839

  • Wright KE, Furzer BJ, Licari MK, Thornton AL, Dimmock JA, Naylor LH, et al. Physiological characteristics, self-perceptions, and parental support of physical activity in children with, or at risk of, developmental coordination disorder. Research in Developmental Disabilities. 2018 Jun 16.  

  • Furzer BJ, Bebich-Philip MD, Wright KE, Reid SL, Thornton AL. Reliability and validity of the adapted Resistance Training Skills Battery for Children. Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport. 2018 Aug;21(8):822–7. 

  • Bebich-Philip MB, Thornton AT, Wright KE, Reid SR & Furzer BJ  Adaptation of the resistance training skills battery for use in children across the motor proficiency spectrum, Pediatric Exercise Science, 2016; 28: 3: 473-480.


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