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Thriving Connect (aka. Telehealth)

Exercise services provided via remote technology to support the physical and mental health of kids and young people.

  • Live online exercise session catered for children with varied needs or goals

  • Our exercise sessions focus on improving the physical literacy of young people who experience barriers (e.g. medical, developmental, social/behavioural) to participation at a community or school level

  • Expert instructors will lead games, activities and engagement just like a normal face to face Thriving exercise session

  • Exercises will try to include household good and equipment the family already have and can provide a loan home exercise kit if needed (travel and postage options permitting)

What is Thriving Connect?

What do families need at home?

  • A device of some kind that has a video camera (e.g. smart phone, tablet, computer) and a stable internet connection.

  • A safe space at home or in the backyard where you can set up your personal device and engage in games/activities.

  • There is no need to buy any software or exercise equipment.


  • A parent/guardian/carer need to be present to assist the young person to participate

Session Types

Individual Sessions:

  • 30min live online session with one of our expert instructors, a young person and their parent/guardian or mentor.

Small Group Sessions (3 ppl):

  • 3 young people matched on age or goals. Young people will perform activities in their own home with games, challenges and social connection led by the instructor.  

    • Strength & Conditioning (8yrs+): strength focused session for older kids and teens.

    • Physical Literacy (5yrs +): sessions incorporating a mix of fitness, strength, balance movement and sport skills tailored for group goals.

Family Fitness:

  • Fitness sessions designed for the whole household!  Sessions will be tailored so that participants of all ages can work on their fitness, and of course with a healthy dose of fun.

Costs & Booking


  • Per session cost is $28.50, with sessions running as 8-10 week terms aligned with WA school dates.

  • Rebates may be available (e.g. Private Health, NDIS, Medicare)

Appointment Availability

  • Sessions are available via appointment Mon - Sat


New Families

Please complete the new enquiry form linked below:


Any Questions

  • Get in touch with our team via 'Contact Us' below or


Ph. 0403 600 960

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